Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Spending time with friends!

so when I searched for the latest photo that I could add on the last post, I found several photo was taking my mind. It's actually not a good one, it's not even professionally taken. But I love seeing things that on the photo, that mostly, my friends and me on the photo. It remembered me about my hometown much, since I got a homesick these days T.T

we're ready!

So, check them out!

 Do you see the only guy on that pic ? That's Iqbal. Iqbal is our best driver, and best photographer. The fact that he's the best photographer that we have, absolutely makes me and you no wonder why this pic was so blurred. He's taking marine and fishery major on UGM. Our high school pride, Iqbal.

 And, the only guy on this pic, actually his name is Rizky - but no matter what, we called him Onta. It may caused by his Arabian face or something - I never ask him a history why people keep calling him "Onta, Onta". As a guy, he's so diligent. Our teachers' favorite. Doing home works nicely, as if it was an examination. I think he's good as studying, at physics, math, chemistry or the lesson that mostly made me sleepy when I was in high school. I think he's good at teaching, that's why I always ask him to teach me when I was facing the university entrance exams. But he's not as perfect as I told. He's pervert mind -___-

 And, I want tell you story about the girls ! The girl who have a big face in this photo ( the photo is edited, for sure)  is Fina. Everybody called her 'mitik'. You don't know mitik? Mitik is... Indonesian called Pelit ;) but actually, she doesn't that mitik - although she never give anything to me so I don't know wheter she's mitik or not. I prefer to called her Bude, it's an acronym - Iqbal gave it to her but I'm not going to make an explanation about what is Bude. Bude is Bude. Hahahaha

The girl besides Bude is Helda. Tume. Tuyul Milenium. I think the reason why people keep call her Tuyul is because she has no eyebrows. Some beliefs said that someone who has no eyebrows may see an invisible thingy. Tume is the mascot of my class. A lot of bad things happened to her, but she never angry. Boys on my class even ever put her on the glass chamber, and locked it, so she can't go out. I think it going to be pages if I tell you veerything I know about her, although I just know a little. But promise, I'll tell you about her, more on the next post.

The last girl is Mentari. Tari is the girl who has the brightest skin on my class. On that photo, she has red lips. She's wearing arabian lipstick, for sure, and me either ;) I think her passion is for modeling and fashion. She's showed that wearing hijab is not a barrier to be a fashionable like her. She's beautiful, indeed. And she has bright skin, so it fit with every color. She may look calm, and beautiful. But you don;t know until you meet her on reality. Her voice is so loud, her slang is so Sundanese, she's so innocent and she's funny !