Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

First Step in South Korea

I remember the day when I firstly stepped up my feet at South Korea.

It was in Incheon International Airport, when I called my father to say that I'm okay, safe and sound, arrived in Daehan Minkuk, that's how people here call their country. 

My father asked how was the weather and I said it's okay. Although the women on airplane said the weather is on -1 celcius degree. At that time, I was being a fashion terrorist. Bet my mother is too excited to did a late-winter make over to me so I was wearing my sweater, and outer, and a very big golden coat, with a old-cut pale brown jeans, with my too-big white tennis-shoes. I met Kim Daeun and Park Ingeon, the one who was on duty to take us from airport to Chuncheon, Kangwon-do, the place which I will be living in for the next 10 month. I met a very nice Japanese girl too, named Nakazawa Moe and a Rumanian boy, named Dorian. 

I was wrong. The information that I gave to my father was a mistake. It was very warm inside the airport, but when we moved out, the cold wind of South Korea land is greeted us. 

I was thinking about a very very cold air conditioner at that time. 

I don't know that wind can blow that cold. 

It's just very cold that I couldn't move my body even an inch. The worst is, I didn't wear my socks!! 

My first impression about this land... is just too complicated. You know, we can do everything automatically.  Noted that, almost everything. The airport was so luxurious and very very different from the international airport in my country. I didn't say Soetta was bad, but Incheon Airport is just too.... different

We were taking a car (which shocked me because the driver is on the left side, not in the right side like in my country) and fortunately, it was very warm in the car. I was thinking you know... a big and no-traffic road but I was wrong. Traffic are everywhere, but still, it was very 'nice' traffic. You know, because the car is still on the line, not in every line with motorcycles everywhere. They said we will be arrived on 2 hours, it means on 11 a.m, but we're arrived at the university at 4 p.m. 

So, there is traffic too here :)

But what I saw outside was really interesting. I just.... I feel like I was watching a news about Korea behind the windows. The people are doing their street catwalk, walking with their cool coats (and even shorts in this weather!) I want their coats! ALL!!! 

P.S : I will edit this post later, after I have mood enough to upload photos. Keep reading!